Initial Osteopathic Appointment

An initial Osteopathic consult involves sitting down with an Osteopath initially and discussing your complaint. Following this you will be asked about any previous health/current issues.

Next you will be taken through a physical examination of your presenting complaint and surrounding areas so your Osteopath can narrow in on the source of your problem. An Osteopathic treatment will then take place focusing on and around the structure causing pain. 

After the completion of the treatment, a management plan will be provided and explained. Following the completion of your treatment the management plan will be emailed to you. 

Initial Osteopathic consult – $100 per appointment (approx. 40-45 minutes)

Follow Up Osteopathic Appointment

A follow-up Osteopathic treatment involves checking in with how your presenting complaint has progressed since the previous treatment. Followed by an examination of the problem and surrounding areas. 

A more extensive Osteopathic treatment will then be performed aimed at helping optimise your recovery and relieving you of your pain. 

A progression plan, specific to your needs, will be implemented and/or modified as well as any appropriate modifications and progressions to your action plan emailed you at the end of your initial consult.   

Follow-up Osteopathic treatment – $90 per appointment (approx. 35-40 minutes)

Osteopathic Telehealth APPOINTMENT

Cant attend the clinic? That’s not an issue. The Osteo Joint now offers Telehealth appointments. These are great for check ups, exercise prescription and progression planning which is primarily what they are used for here at The Osteo Joint. 

Firstly you’ll give your Osteopath a run down of your injury and they may get you do to a few movements to come to a diagnosis of your condition (as best they can). Following this, they will take you through a series of movements as exercise prescription to help with relieving your pain/tension and help with recovery. 

Following this exercise prescription they will walk you through the email of your rehab and/or progression plans that they will send through post treatment. 

Osteopathic Telehealth appointment- $60 per appointment (approx. 30 minutes)

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We also have online-osteopathy programs which you can get more information on below. 

Personal Training Services

Personal training session
$50 for 30mins 

2 on 1 outdoor training
$25 per person for 30mins

Personal or 2 on 1 running sessions
$50 for 30 mins ($25 per person)

We also offer run programs, click below for more information