Run programming

You’ve clicked your way through to this page because you’re interested in following a running plan. This gets me excited! We currently have a few running plans on offer at the moment so read on to find out which one best suits you. 

The run plan options:

Option 1 – Faster 5km in four weeks – 4 wks for $30. This program has the choice of doing 3 or 4 runs per week with an even split for you to throw other training in around your running! Emailed to you weekly.

Option 2 – 10km in 8 wks. 8 wks for $50 
This program is designed to develop your aerobic capacity and running efficiency to get you to be able to run further! Has a choice of 3-4 runs per week and is emailed weekly.

running injuries

Individualised run programming

Who needs an individual running program?

Runners who is looking for some tailored guidance due to injury, chasing a certain distance or performance outcome. These programs are personally written by Dr Jamey Pemmelaar (Osteopath) and include one 30 minute telehealth for every two week period you commit to. 

What you get: 
For $60 every two weeks you get: 
– A two week individualised run program.
– A biweekly telehealth appointment. 
– Osteopathic advice from a run specific osteopath. 
– Run specific videos on warm up, cool down and strength training. 

What do you do next?

Book in a telehealth appointment below and we will call you at your chosen time to get you started on your running goals. 

If you want more information about if this is right for you. Fill in the form below and we can organise a quick 10 minute phone call to give you more information.