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Exercise, health and wellbeing tips from Dr Jamey Pemmelaar (Osteopath).

What is covered in the Osteo Blog

The Osteo Blog covers many topics, ranging from exercises to decrease pain in all areas to health and well-being tips. Among the posts you’ll find injury related posts covers injuries such as runners knee, health recipe ideas, running tips and so much more. We hope you enjoy our content covered on The Osteo Blog and as always contact us if you have any questions or queries related to any of our posts. 

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shin splints
Shin splints

What are shin splints? Shin splints is known as pain located on the inside/front lower portion of you shin. They

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recovery oats
Recovery oats

Here we have Dr Jamey Pemmelaar’s favourite recovery oat recipe. We hope you enjoy. I thought I’d put together a

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Other blogs we like

We are in the game of sharing knowledge and where we get some of our information from. Below are the links to DR Jamey Pemmelaar’s (Osteo) favourite blogs and podcasts. Enjoy. 

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