Nutrition by Justine

Hi I’m Justine the founder of Nutrition by Justine. I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian and certified Nutritionist as well as a Personal Trainer. I live and breathe health and fitness and have a passion to help others achieve a healthy and balanced way of living. I am a lover of good nutritious food, moving my body, the outdoors, seeing the world and laughing as much as I can.

My philosophy is “you can only do as good as you know”, focusing on providing support and education to allow each individual to make their own healthy choices. I don’t believe in FAD diets, quick fixes, restrictive eating habits or setting unsustainable goals. If you want to make healthy lifelong choices, I’m your girl.

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Justine (NJB)


Initial consultation - $110

An initial consultation will take around 60 minutes and will involve discussing why you are here and what you would like to get out of the session. I will spend some time getting to know you and building a working relationship. We will then establish some goals and begin implementing strategies to help achieve these goals. I focus on working with my clients to devise realistic goals and provide education to allow each individual to make informed decisions around their health and nutrition.

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REview consultation - $85

A review appointment will involve reviewing our previous session, goals, strategies, and working through what worked and what didn’t. As well as addressing any new concerns or questions you may have and continuing to work towards achieving your goals through support and education.

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