Stretchy Sunday’s – lower body stretch routine

Welcome all. It’s Jamey Pemmelaar here from The Osteo Joint – a local Kensington Osteo.
Here we have a nice little stretch routine to help optimise your recovery. 
Prior to filming this I’d been riding for 90 minutes. Upon getting off the damn bike, my lower body felt a little stiff/tight. 

Therefore I decided to have a stretch and of course film it for you guys to follow along. 
This lower body stretch routine involves a sequence to help decrease tightness to all of the main muscle groups of the lower leg and thigh.
I hope this helps with your lower body recovery- it sure helped mine!

Yes I am working from home and yes that is my lounge room. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the videos I’ll be posting over the next few months. 

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