Knee rehabilitation

Knee issues are amoung the most common I treat as an osteopath. Most commonly they occur due to overuse of the knee joint through activities such as running and jumping. There are many different problems and injuries that can cause knee pain. Therefore you should always seek the treatment of an allied health professional prior to starting any rehabilitation exercise. 

The exercises below are commonly used in our rehabilitation process of differing knee injuries. If you have any questions regarding whether or not they are right for you. Book yourself an appointment and we can get you on the right path to finding your optimal recovery. 

Spikey ball use to the quad and hamstrings

The use of self-massage techniques as quite handy for decreasing tightness in tissues surrounding the injury site. Whilst they are not a solitary treatment. They are a good adjuct to help with the progression and management of your knee pain. 
Shown below is the spikey ball to the hamstrings self-massage. The same concept can be applied to the quad (aka the front of the tight). 

Quadriceps stretch

Knee pain can often be partially attributed to the overworking of the quadriceps (the front of the upper thigh). Learning how to go about decreasing it’s tension and tightness is a good place to start when trying to decrease any pain felt through the kne. 
This stretch lengthens the quadriceps aiming to decrease any tightness. Adding this with the two glute and hamstrings focused strength movements below can create for optimal knee recovery.  

The 7-way hips

The 7 way hip movement is an absolute beauty. It works the glute medius (one of your butt muscles) and is great for strengthening the hip and subsequentially stabilising the knee. It seems super easy but give 3 of the movements a go – in a row doing 10 reps each movement. Have fun!

Step downs / lowers

This particular exercise aims in strengthen and stabile both the hip and knee joints. In particular, the glute medius (same muscle as the above exercise) and the VMO (one of the muscles on the inside of your quad/knee). These two muscles are often not functioning to their greatest potential in those with Knee pain. Therefore they are two great avenues to strengthen to help overcome that pesky knee problem. 

Thats a wrap

We hope the exercises above have helped with the recovery of your knee pain. As mentined at the start of this post, these exercises may not be beneficial to your complaint. Therefore it’s always best to get your injury assessed prior to commencing any of these exercises. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesistate to ask. 
We hope these movements help you! 

Thanks for reading and watching, 
Dr Jamey Pemmelaar (Osteo)