Hip pain

Exercises to decrease hip pain

Hip pain management

Here is a blog post with a few videos movements to help reduce hip pain and improve hip mobility. Give all of them a go as desired or try one here and there to give yourself some temporary relief. Remember that if hip pain is becoming an issue for you it’s always best to get it checked by an allied health professional. 
Before starting these exercises be sure to ask your health care professional if they are right for you.  

Kneeling quad stretch (can be done without band)

Due to a lot of us spending a long time sitting in the hip flexion position, it’s common for individuals to have tight hip flexors. The stretch in the video below is aimed at lengthening the hip flexors with the band added to facilitate the stretch. ⁣

Hip windscreen wipers

If hip mobility is your main issues, this exercise is for you.
Hip internal and external rotation are commonly the two movements that first become restricted⁣.
Above is an exercise aimed at improving both internal and external rotation through the hips.⁣⁣ Give it a go if you feel as though your hips restrict your movement through exercises such as squats and mt climbers⁣

Hip mobility duo

Feeling a little tight through the hips? These two movements are performed aiming increased ROM (range of motion) through the hip. Whilst also aiming to decrease muscle tension in the hamstrings and adductors respectively.
Give these two movements a go after your next run/workout to help free up some hip mobility. We hope this one does the trick!

That’s a wrap

Thanks for watching and reading this post. 
We hope these movements helped you free up some range of motion through the hips whilst also helping with any pain you may be experiencing. 
If hip pain is still troubling you, book in an appointment now to get on top of it. 

We also have videos available in our rehab room and on our YouTube channel, be sure to check them out. Plus our blog has many a post of running performance, check it out also! 

Thanks again, 
Stay safe, 
Dr Jamey Pemmelaar (Osteo)