Achilles tendinopathy

Achilles Tendinopathy

What is an achilles tendinopathy? The word tendinopathy refers to degeneration, partial tears of the tendon and/or irritation to the peritendinious junction (the surrounding of the tendon). Much like A hamstring tendinopathy, achilles tendinopathies occur at the sit of the achilles (lower leg). Whilst hamstring and achilles tendinopathies very different conditions, the risk factors, prevention …

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shin splints

Shin splints

What are shin splints? Shin splints is known as pain located on the inside/front lower portion of you shin. They are the most common cause of pain of the lower leg and have many varying risk factors. Which is the next topic we will cover.  Risk factors – what causes shin splints? There is no …

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running injuries

Running injuries

Over the next month, head osteopath, run coach, run club leader and runner himself – Dr Jamey Pemmelaar (Osteo) will be covering his 4 most common running injuries seen in clinic. With the exercising population, runners in particular, making up a large portion of his patients, Jamey has come to notice patterns and particular areas …

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low back recovery

Low back recovery – Foam roller Friday’s

Welcome all. It’s Jamey Pemmelaar here from The Osteo Joint – a local Kensington Osteo. Let me set the scene, it was a rainy Saturday in the midst of stage four restrictions in melbourne. I’d just sat through the 3 season (an overstatement however it was a lot) of friends and my low back felt …

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