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low back recovery

Low back recovery – Foam roller Friday’s

Welcome all. It’s Jamey Pemmelaar here from The Osteo Joint – a local Kensington Osteo. Let me set the scene, it was a rainy Saturday in the midst of stage four restrictions in melbourne. I’d just sat through the 3 season (an overstatement however it was a lot) of friends and my low back felt …

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Achilles tendinopathy

Running stability exercises

at home exercises to improve your running. These particular running stability exercises I use a lot both personally and when prescribing some stability work to runners. Especially those prone to injury. Therefore, if you fit that category, keep reading and watching. 1. The arabesque A common issue I see amoung runners is that they are …

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Shoulder impingement syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome is most commonly explained as rubbing of soft tissue (bursa, muscles and tendons) within the shoulder. This can be caused by decreased space within a certain area of the shoulder known as the sub-acromial space. As a result this leads to irritation or inflammation of the ‘impinged’ structures therefore causing pain.    …

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