Stretchy Sunday’s – lower body stretch routine

Welcome all. It’s Jamey Pemmelaar here from The Osteo Joint – a local Kensington Osteo. Here we have a nice little stretch routine to help optimise your recovery. Prior to filming this I’d been riding for 90 minutes. Upon getting off the damn bike, my lower body felt a little stiff/tight.  Therefore I decided to have …

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Achilles tendinopathy

Running stability exercises

at home exercises to improve your running. These particular running stability exercises I use a lot both personally and when prescribing some stability work to runners. Especially those prone to injury. Therefore, if you fit that category, keep reading and watching. 1. The arabesque A common issue I see amoung runners is that they are …

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Stretchy Sunday’s – Cyclist recovery

A stretch routine I’ve put together specifically aimed at improving cyclists recovery. If you cycle, you know what it feels like after a long ride. I often end up feeling tight through my hips and upper back specifically. If decreasing upper back tightness and stiffness sounds like something you could get on board with. Give …

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