Breaking up long periods of sitting

Looking for ways to break up those long periods of sitting?
Give these exercises a go

We have put together this blog post to help all of you who are wokring from home and are looking down the barrel of another 6 weeks minimum. There are a number of different videos here all with different focuses. For all however they are best done intermittently throughout the day once every hour or so alongside going for a short 2-5 minute walk. 

Each video is labelled with it’s intended target area so if that area is one in which you’re feeling tight in, try that particular video. 

We hope this helps you break up those long periods of sitting whilst giving your brain a well deserved break! 

Headahce, Upper back and neck focus

Upper back and neck focus

Upper back focus

Upper back and shoulder focus

Correct desk set-up

Other exercises to help break up sitting

That is all

We hope some or all of these videos have helped you decrease your tension and tightness build up from long periods of sitting. 
We also hoped it help your break up your work day by getting some movement and helping decrease the risk of developing any positional based injuries and/or complaints. 

Thanks for reading and watching! 
Dr Jamey Pemmelaar (DO)